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In memoria di Francesco Daveri

The economist with a smile - this is how Prof. Francesco Giavazzi, along with Deputy Editor of Corriere della Sera, Daniele Manca, defined him in an article that describes him perfectly.

This was Francesco.

Always smiling, optimistic, curious, always listening and with an overwhelming irony.
Among other things, he will be remembered for his natural ability to make complex economic or political events simple, his boundless passion and tireless dedication to the SDA Bocconi MBA.

"Your playfulness, your self-deprecating humor, your ability not to take yourself too seriously are undoubtedly among the characteristics I most appreciated in you. Until the end, we laughed the way we laughed when we were in high school." (Marco Vicinanza)

Longtime friends and colleagues have decided to try to fill the void that Francesco left, filling it with the future: honoring Francesco's memory by supporting a tuition waiver to the Master program he held most dear, the MBA.

Join them, donate now you too.


Silvio Vegliani


Franco Perotti


Paola Busca

Per Francesco, che ricordo con affetto come compagno di corso.


giulia ronchini


paola bianca tropia


Sonia Petrone

per Francesco, con affetto. Grazie di esserci stato, resterai sempre.


paola dessy

Ciao Fran, quello che hai seminato con passione crescerà rigoglioso


Antonella Caru'

Grazie Francesco per quanto hai lasciato in ciascuno di noi.


Paolo Bertoletti

Per Francesco.


Francesco Arduini

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