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In memory of Umberto Macias Y Navari

Our mission.

SDA Bocconi and the MBA Class 21 are committed to keeping the loving memories and legacy of Umberto Macias Y Navari alive. We proudly announce the establishment of the Umberto Macias Y Navari Memorial Scholarship Fund to support a future candidate of SDA Bocconi’s MBA Program.

As part of the MBA family or as a person close to Umberto Macias Y Navari, you can support this initiative with a donation.

A bit about Umberto.

Umberto lives on within us. Umberto was undoubtedly a bright thinker and very dedicated to his work and passions in life. Born and raised in Mexico, he graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering with Honours, and subsequently worked at IBM and CityBank NA in Mexico City. He was an integral part of our MBA family and unfortunately left us all too soon. After our MBA, he pursued an international career in IT, starting from P&G in Rome.

Remembering our friend.

We will remember Umberto’s loving friendship and his unique warm smile. We will remember his excitement of plunging in the “MBA experience'' and his commitment to spending time and making memories with all of us. We will also remember his approach to life: once he said “if you don’t have what you love, love what you have!” or joking with us, imitating Terminator saying “I’ll be back”. His flatmates still remember with a certain horror how he used to answer incoming calls –which might well have been by recruiters- “Hello, you have reached Milan’s central police, how may I help you?”. Umberto used also to be volunteer in charity initiatives, was eclectic in sports: cycling, boxing, basketball, and enjoyed cooking Mexican food for his friends.

He was one of the most enjoyable person that we had the pleasure of knowing.

Umberto, we will miss you forever.


Luca Sorteni


Gianpietro Sanavia


Vera Tabakova


Manuele Morini


Gaetano Drago


Pietro Catania


Gianmarco Albani


Gino Rodriguez


Roger Iliffe


Marcello Tripodo

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