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A scholarship in memory of Maya

ALERT: thanks to your incredible support and your great generosity we were able to reach the target we had set.
Would you help us achieve an even more ambitious one?


Thanks to the input of many and the many messages received, we decided to launch a fundraising campaign in memory of Maya Yazbeck.

We all believe that naming a scholarship after her would be a tangible sign to remember Maya and keep her values alive.

Those who have been so lucky to cross Maya on their path know well the impressive legacy that she leaves behind; and those who
have not met her may think of her as an ethical colleague, alwyas available, prepared and generous.

In her memory we wish to raise funds for a scholarship, so that the strength of her contribution can be passed on to the new generations.
We are sure that you all will participate with great joy and affection, thinking that this gesture will leave a testimony of enormous value, an embodiment of hope and trust.

We will collect all the messages that you leave on the page and we will then send them to Maya's family along with the many already received for her in the past few weeks.

Donate now. 


Chiara Landolfo

Maya, un punto di riferimento per tutti noi.


Oliver Beiso


Francesca Piantavigna

Per Maya, una persona davvero speciale che si è presa cura di tutti noi.


Christopher Lilholm


Angelo Castelli


Sonia Bernardina Maria Albertazzi


Silvia Piantanida

Che il ricordo di Maya possa aiutare un nuovo Bocconiano.


Luca Della Santa

Cara Maya, nel considerare un grande privilegio lʼaverti consosciuta, conserverò sempre il ricordo del tuo sorriso, della tua cortesia e della tua infinta disponibilità. Sei stata un esempio di professionalità, impegno, dedizione, nonchè un punto di riferimento per tutti noi della community degli alumni Bocconi. Grazie Luca Della Santa


Maria Luisa Gasparini


sandra donelli

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