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The Bocconi University basketball team is the first of several sports teams coordinated by the Bocconi Sport Team. The motivation that led to the founding of Bocconi Sport Team in the academic year 2002/2003 was the idea of promoting sport as a tool for socialization and value building among students of an international university in Milan that welcomes children between 19 and 26 years (undergraduate, master and PhD) who come from all over the world. The absence of structured university championships in Italy meant that the implementation of the project in its initial phase was achieved by enrolling the teams in the minor series of federal championships of the various disciplines. The basketball team has obtained three promotions passing from the First Division championship to the Silver C series, winning the playoffs of the D series in May 2015.

The team has been admitted to participate in the 2019/20 season in the Gold Series C Championship. 

Why we need your help: the Gold Series C championship is a semi-professional federal championship that has a cost of enrollment of 2000 euros per athlete (with a roster of 15 players) and travel costs of 5000 euros per year. The donations will help us to bear the costs to form a competitive team that represents our university. We also hope that our team's matches will become an opportunity to meet friends of the Bocconi community and students in a context of healthy sporting passion. To this end, the opening of the new sports center of our University in Via Castelbarco (the Rec Center) that by the end of the 2019-20 sports season will allow us to play in a fantastic arena. While waiting for the completion of the new Palazzetto Bocconi, the matches will take place at the ISEO sports centre in Milan with this calendar (click here to explore the calendar).


Luca Soncini


Matteo Leombroni


Stefano Maturi


Alessandro Lualdi


Luca Urbano


Marco Stotani


Miranda Pravettoni


Mathias Domini


tommaso caratelli


Vassil Kostov

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    Go pelicans!