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Luca Della Santa, the spirit of Amsterdam Chapter

Luca was the founder of our Chapter, a role model and a dear friend. He was the driving force behind what we are today, his energy and enthusiasm have collected a growing number of alumni in the Netherlands around the name of Bocconi.

Luca's passing leaves a huge void among his friends, colleagues and of course our whole community. Those who were fortunate enough to cross Luca's path know well his generosity and his deep sense of belonging to Bocconi.

In his memory, we wish to raise funds and associate Luca's name with a space in the historic library of Bocconi University. We do so as he was a strong believer in the power of education to uplift people’s lives. We are sure that his name and history will inspire the future generation of Bocconiani. Donations will be used for many projects, including digitalization, research and services to improve students’ journey.

We hope you will all participate with great joy and affection, thinking that a testimony of enormous value can be left behind through this gesture, which holds hope and confidence in the future.


Guido Surace

I will always remember Luca for introducing and welcoming us in the Amsterdam Chapter


Andrea Emilio Giovanni Gasparri


Quint Dane


Francesco Gibbi

Buon Natale! Francesco


Tamara Molinas


Gianfranco Lor


Fabio Fabbi

Buon viaggio Luca


Flavio Tosi


Edoardo Ghignone

With love


Maria Chiara Di Chiara

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